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CFCU Credit Union

Routing #: 221381540

Routing #: 221381540


Saving regularly can really add up to big things!

Check out all the different ways you can save at CFCU.


Savings Features

Savings Account Options

Membership Savings*

  • This account represents your membership at CFCU. It is required for each member to have this account.
  • Low $5 minimum balance requirement.

Lucky Savers

  • A unique account where you have a chance to win money each month while you save.
  • Cash Prizes ranging from $25 - $5,000.
  • Every $25 deposited is a chance to win!*

*up to 10 entries a month

Goal Savings

  • Motivating, temptation-free savings.
  • No minimum balance required.
  • Choose a goal that you want to save for (wedding, vacation, a big project).
  • Choose the amount and time frame for your goal.
  • Set up a goal savings with automatic regular deposits that will mature on the date you set.

Other Great Ways to Save!

Money Market

Earn a higher interest rate while still keeping your money liquid.


Earn a higher interest rate on your savings by keeping your money in the account for a specific period of time.

Dream Home Club

A program for first-time homebuyers that are saving for a down payment.

Credit Cards

You could be earning Cash Back Rewards Points with a CFCU Rewards Credit Card

Learn More about Credit Cards

*Membership eligibility requirements apply.