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CFCU Credit Union


An additional platform to complement Digital Banking

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Routing #: 221381540

Savings FAQs

Can I set up more than one Savings Account as overdraft protection for my Checking Account?

Yes, multiple savings accounts can be set up for overdraft protection. You can also let us know which Savings Account you would like us to draw from first.

Can I keep my membership open if I'm not able to use it for a while?

Just use your accounts once per calendar year and they will not go dormant.

Can I have more than one Savings Account?


Do I have to open a Savings Account to be a member?

Yes, with just $5 in a Savings Account, you become a member of CFCU.

Can I still be a member if I move away from the area?

Absolutely! Once you are a member of CFCU, you are a member for life.

Our Digital Banking and network of surcharge-free ATMs worldwide make it easy to bank anywhere at any time.

When do I get statements?

Checking account statements are sent monthly. Saving account statements are sent quarterly. If a Savings account has an ACH set up on the account, the statement will be sent monthly.

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