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Skip-a-Pay and Loan Assistance

Experiencing Financial Hardship?

You can defer CFCU loan payments.


For a small fee per skip, our members with eligible CFCU loans can request to skip two payments per calendar period per loan. Keep reading to find out if you and your loan type are eligible and then complete the Skip-a-Pay Request Form.


*If your loan has a co-borrower or guarantor, you must complete separate forms for the borrower and the co-borrower/guarantor. Please list both the borrower and the co-borrower/guarantor on the top of each application. Any requests submitted without both applications will not be processed.


Skip-a-Pay Request Form

Eligible Loan Types:

Member Eligibility

  1. All loans for the borrower and any joint/guarantor must be current, with no missed or late payments for 6 months.
  2. Loan must be open for at least 6 months at CFCU.
  3. Primary borrower must have $40 available in their Savings account at the time of the request. 
  4. Eligible loan payment may only be skipped twice per calendar period per loan.

Need More Assistance?

You can reach out to our Asset Recovery Department


Phone: 607-257-8500 ext.1100

*Member must have an eligible loan type, complete a request form, and be approved to participate in the “Skip-a-Pay” program. Interest on the loan will continue to accrue.