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An additional platform to complement Digital Banking

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CFCU More and Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is only available via the CFCU More app to CORE, a division of CFCU Community Credit Union members who previously had Bill Pay set up with CORE before conversion to CFCU's operating systems. CFCU's Bill Pay will be available via the CFCU More app to all other members soon. CORE members may also sign up for Bill Pay in CFCU's Digital Banking if they prefer not to use the CFCU More app.

Any payments set up in CORE’s Bill Pay will carry over to CFCU’s Bill Pay. This includes recent history, scheduled one-time payments, and recurring payments . However, if you used eBills on the CORE’s Bill Pay, you will need to re-enable them.


To Access Your Bill Pay

Just follow the directions below to register for CFCU More and then click on the Bill Pay tile that matches the image above.

CFCU More is an additional platform of banking tools and services to complement CFCU’s Digital Banking online and mobile platforms. You can also use CFCU More to control your CFCU debit card(s), send money to friends and acquaintances, or make external transfers.


Once Accessed, Please Review Your Bill Pay Carefully to Ensure Accuracy.

  • Verify that all scheduled or recurring payments and biller information (especially addresses for billers that receive payments by mail) are correct.
  • Confirm whether the payee is requiring a verification by clicking on ‘Manage Billers’ under settings. Any billers requiring verification will be highlighted in yellow and have an update button (see image below).

Register for CFCU More


  1. To register you will need your Member Number* and additional personal identifying information.
  2. Visit or download our new CFCU More app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store and click on “Enroll”.
  3. Once you are registered, you can access CFCU More from either the app or the website.


Download on the app store    get it on google play


If you have trouble registering, please call our Member Solutions team at 607-257-8500 or toll-free 800-428-8340.


*If you are not sure what your member number is, you can request it by sending a secure message in Digital Banking, stopping into any branch, or by calling Member Solutions.

Learn More About CFCU More's Other Tools


The Pay-a-Person capability, will allow you to pay friends and acquaintances easily. This service is replacing Popmoney.


Pay-a-Person FAQs 

Why is CFCU changing from Popmoney?

  • Our Popmoney provider is ending the service effective December 2nd, 2022. CFCU is taking this opportunity to move to an enhanced system called Pay-a-Person or P2P for short.

Will my recipients be in the new system?

  • Due to limitations with Popmoney, we cannot transfer your saved recipients in to the CFCU More Pay-a-Person services.
  • We recommend you confirm your recipients preferred email and/or phone number so you can add them easily.

How do I access the new Pay-a-Person service?

  • Pay-a-Person will be accessed through CFCU’s companion app CFCU More starting 12/5.

I have a business account and used Popmoney, can I use the new Pay-a-Person service?

  • Pay-a-Person is intended to transfer funds between two individuals and not designed for business usage.
  • If you are looking for an electronic option to transfer funds to individuals, we recommend CFCU’s ACH processing services for businesses. Please Contact Shine Gonzalez, our Business Development Specialist, for more information.

Debit Card Controls

Card Controls allow you to easily change your pin, add travel exemptions/alerts, and freeze or activate your debit card anytime, from anywhere.


Debit Card Controls FAQs 

What cards can I access in Card Controls?

  • You will be able to access any CFCU Debit Card that is issued in your name that is in an active or issued status.

Can I see a joint signer’s card?

  • No, you will not see a joint signer’s card. The joint signer will need to register for CFCU More to use Card Controls and make changes to the card issued in their name.

External Transfers

External Transfers allows you to transfer money in and out of your CFCU accounts to your accounts at another institution.


External Transfers FAQs 

Why is there a new External Transfer option?

  • The new option offers an enhanced experience for our members, including options to add new accounts with your log in credentials for the other Financial Institution instead of verifying micro deposits. If your other Financial Institution participates in Plaid, you can add a new account and initiate the first transfer on the same day.

How do I access the new External Transfer service?

  • External Transfers will be accessed through CFCU’s companion app CFCU More starting 12/5.

Can I transfer to any account?

  • External Transfers is intended to move funds efficiently between your own accounts at multiple financial institutions. If you are looking to transfer funds to another person, check out our Pay-a-Person service. If you are looking to pay a merchant, biller or business try our bill payments service.