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CFCU Credit Union

Routing #: 221381540

Routing #: 221381540

Bill Pay

Pay and manage your bills from one place online.

Use Bill Pay to pay bills immediately, schedule a future or recurring payment, view history, and more.

*Checking account is required for this service.

We're Upgrading CFCU's Bill Pay, Effective April 3rd

If you already have CFCU's Bill Pay there are some things you need to know about the upgrade to the new Bill Pay platform. 

  • Beginning March 27th there will be a short period of time when you won’t have access to your Bill Pay while we transition to the new platform. However, any payments set up to be paid during the transition (March 27th – April 3rd) will still be made.
  • Your Bill Pay will be in a different location.  Effective April 3rd, access to Bill Pay will be moved from CFCU’s Digital Banking to the CFCU More application. Learn about CFCU More.
  • Any payments set up in your current Bill Pay will carry over to the new Bill Pay platform.
  • After April 3rd, please review your Bill Pay settings on the new platform to:
    • Ensure accuracy of scheduled/recurring payments and biller information (especially addresses for billers that receive payments by mail).
    • Confirm whether the payee is requiring a verification by clicking on ‘Manage Billers’ under settings. Any billers requiring verification will be highlighted in yellow and have an update button (see image below).

Signing Up

The new Bill Pay platform will be available in CFCU More, effective April 3rd


About CFCU More

CFCU More is an additional platform of banking tools and services to complement CFCU’s Digital Banking online and mobile platforms. Currently, you can use CFCU More to control your CFCU debit card(s), send money to friends and family, make external transfers (send/receive money from your CFCU account to an external account), and after April 3rd you can access Bill Pay. 


Sign-up Instructions

You can access CFCU More at this link: and/or download the CFCU More app in the Apple or Google Play stores. You will need your Member Number and additional personal identifying information to register. Register today to access the other tools already available and you will automatically see Bill Pay within CFCU More effective April 3rd.

Download on the app store    get it on google play

Learn more about CFCU More here OR send Member Solutions a secure message through Digital Banking, just click on the envelope symbol at the top of the screen. 


    FAQs About the Upcoming Bill Pay Upgrade


    Why are we upgrading CFCU’s Bill Pay platform?  

    CFCU is committed to providing the best Bill Pay experience. The new platform will provide improved and more intuitive functionality along with streamlined processing.  

    Will my existing Bill Pay settings be moved over?  

    Yes, however, it is possible some billers/payees will be transferred with incomplete information. This will result in the biller being “on-hold” until you update the biller details. It is important to verify your biller/payee information on or after 4/3 to update any “on-hold” billers to avoid payment processing delays. To confirm whether the payee requires a verification, click on ‘Manage Billers’ under settings. Any billers requiring verification will be highlighted in yellow and have an update button (see image below).  

    Why won’t I be able to access my Bill Pay between March 27th and April 3rd?   

    To ensure a smooth transition to the new platform, we need a short period of time to transfer your existing Bill Pay information (billers/payees, transactions, and history) to the new platform.  

    Will transactions be processed between March 27th and April 3rd?  

    Yes, any payments scheduled during that period will still be processed. 

    How do I access to the new Bill Pay?  

    See the “Signing Up” section on this page (above). 

    Will my history be moved over?  

    Up to 6 months of history will be moved over to your new profile. If you need older history, please download it prior to 3/27/2023. 




    Are there fees?

    Bill Pay is free of charge for CFCU members who are using the service to pay bills. Fees may apply for the use of additional features of Bill Pay, such as expedited payments and Transfer Money.