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Certificate FAQs

How do I know what the renewal rate will be on my Certificate?

You will receive a maturity letter in the mail, stating what your options are.

Will I be notified when my Certificate matures?

Yes, we will send you a letter in the mail.

If I don't reply to the maturity notice on my Certificate, what happens?

Your Certificate funds will roll into another term.

What happens if I withdraw or cash out my Certificate prior to maturity?

There is a penalty if you withdraw or cash out prior to maturity.

Penalties are calculated as follows:

  • Terms of less than 12 months will forfeit 90 days of dividends.
  • Terms of 12 months or longer will forfeit 180 days of dividends.

Are Certificate rates variable?

No. Certificate rates remain the same for the term.

Will my Certificate rate rise if rates go up?

No. Your rates are set for the term when you open your Certificate.

Can I add money to an open Certificate?

You cannot add money on most certificates. However, you can make deposits into your Lucky Savers Certificate at any time!

Can I have a joint owner on a Certificate?