Have you ever banked with a financial institution whose sole focus is on you and not stockholders? We don't even have stockholders! Take a look below to learn more about how we operate and how it benefits you.

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Who Can Join?

Anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school or maintains a business in Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga, Ontario, Seneca, or Tompkins Counties, or anyone who is affiliated with any of the Select Employer Groups (SEGs) listed here, is eligible to join. All we ask is that you maintain $5.00 in your membership share account.

Is your brother in Jersey going to be jealous?  Perhaps, but he doesn't have to be! In each instance where a person is eligible for membership, his or her spouse, and their lineal ancestors and descendants, including persons related by adoption, are also eligible for membership!

Worried you might not be a member for life?  Don't worry, be happy! Once you are a member at CFCU, you are a member for life*. Our Digital Banking makes it easy to continue to conduct business with us and benefit from our outstanding loan rates and deposit yields! 

*Member share must remain open to maintain membership. If member share is closed, one must meet our membership eligibility requirements at the time of re-establishing membership.

Our Products

We are a full-service financial institution (that means we have everything you need.) When we offer a member a product, we are genuine in our intentions. When educating you about a product you don't already have, it is our goal to ensure it would benefit you. Our hope is to make, save, and protect your money, while making access to key financial information easy.

Your Bottom Line

How does a credit union differ from a bank? What a deal!Many point to our lower loan rates, and higher dividend returns... but it is always comforting to know specifics isn't it? Last year alone, we not only helped over 650 members achieve their dream of home ownership, we saved them over $1.3 million in closing costs through our No Closing Cost Mortgages.

More Than Banking

Hard at work!Our staff, including our President & CEO, spent over 4,000 hours last year volunteering at over 100 local non-profits in the counties we serve. As an organization, CFCU also gives in the form of scholarships, awards, monetary support, and sponsorships. This has made CFCU not only one of the strongest financial institutions in the nation but also one of the most impactful.

As CFCU grows and becomes stronger, so do our local communities!

Learn More About Our Community Impact

Looking for support?

One of our most important guiding principles continues to be the belief that giving back by volunteering time, energy, money, and expertise will make our communities better places to live and work. We are honored to provide donations to organizations that have a direct impact on our local communities and fall into one of the following areas of focus: 

  • Financial literacy and education;
  • Civic/social services that enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve;
  • Arts/culture;
  • Environmental sustainability;
  • Health and human services, wellness, and youth activities; and
  • Activities that support the credit union movement.

We review all donation requests on a quarterly basis, please refer below to ensure your request is submitted/reviewed on time. 

Donation Submission Guide: 

  • If your event deadline is within the months of January, February, or March, submit your request by December 1st of the previous year. 
  • If your event deadline is within the months of April, May, or June, submit your request by March 1st. 
  • If your event deadline is within the months of July, August, or September, submit your request by June 1st.
  • If your event deadline is within the months of October, November, or December, submit your request by September 1st. 

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