Chip Technology

CFCU offers chip-enabled credit and debit cards!

Whether you travel abroad or want protection from fraud, choose the security and ease of CFCU’s chip debit and credit cards and “Chip Confident”!

Get your Chip Card today!

What's a Chip?

The chip in our new debit and credit cards is an embedded microchip which encrypts the transaction data, generating a unique one-time code needed for each transaction to be approved.


PIN vs. Signature

• Both Chip and PIN and Chip and Signature cards use the same encryption technology, the only difference is that with PIN cards you must use a four digit PIN to complete a transaction instead of a signature.


• Our Debit Cards utilize the Chip and PIN technology, while our Credit Cards use Chip and Signature technology.


• Some merchants may still ask you to sign, even if you have a PIN card, in which case simply provide your signature to verify and complete the transaction.

Enhanced Security

Chips use a new encryption technology to authenticate the card at the point-of-purchase, so the financial information stored and encrypted on the chip is much more difficult to replicate.


Chip and PIN cards, such as our CFCU debit card, add an extra layer of security. 

How to Use

Using a chip card is as easy as:


1. INSERT the chip end of your card face-up into the slot of a chip-enabled terminal.


2. LEAVE the card in the terminal while the transaction is processed.


3. PIN (debit cards) or SIGN (credit cards) to verify the transaction.


4. REMOVE your card when the transaction is complete.



Is the Magnetic Card being eliminated?

No. The magnetic stripe will remain on your CFCU Debit or Credit Card to allow use at ATMs and store terminals that have not yet been upgraded, and in countries that have not yet migrated to chip technology.


What's the difference between Chip and a Magnetic Strip?

A chip card is inserted into the device or terminal rather than swiped, and remains in the terminal for the duration of the transaction. 


How to know whether to “chip” or “swipe” ?

If the merchant does not have a chip-enabled terminal, just swipe!


What do I do if my card gets lost or stolen?

To report your Debit Card lost or stolen, call CFCU’s Card Processor at: 800-417-8715.  

To report your Credit Card lost or stolen, call: 866-205-8314 (Domestic) or 703-463-2473 (International)

You can also call CFCU’s Call Center at: 607-257-8500 or 800-428-8340, Monday - Friday   8:30am - 5:00pm 


A $10 replacement fee  will be charged for lost or damaged cards.


What if I want a chip card but my current CFCU card is not expired yet?

We can replace your current card with a chip-enabled card for a $10 replacement fee. Or if you choose to wait until your card reaches its expiration date you will be reissued chip card free of charge.


Will I still have the same CFCU debit or credit card number if I get a new chip card?

 If you have lost the card, we will give you an entirely new number for your security. Otherwise, the expiration date and CVV code will be updated, but the card number will remain the same.


I need help activating my card.

You can visit one of our branches, or contact the CFCU Call Center (phone # listed above), if you need assistance with activating your card, or to update your personal information.


You can also conveniently update your information though our Online Banking!