Mission Statement

The Mission of CFCU Community Credit Union is:
To provide the highest level of personal financial services in a friendly, professional manner; to encourage thrift, savings and the wise use of credit; to increase the knowledge and ability of our members to manage and control their financial well-being; to provide sound financial management in order to maintain earnings for our continued growth and to provide our employees with a challenging and rewarding career.

What's the difference between a credit union and a bank? It can be hard to tell, sometimes. It's true that credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions, owned by our members. That's certainly different from a profit-driven bank. Still, CFCU offers many of the same services and products as other local, regional, national, and global institutions.

So what is it that sets CFCU apart? Well, the answer is simple: service and value. When you leave one of our offices, if you don’t feel good about banking with us, then we haven’t done our job right. We do everything we can to make members’ financial experiences and interactions with us profitable and convenient, and to “wow” members with our exceptional service.

CFCU Community Credit Union was built on the foundation of people helping people and we will always be committed to that ideal. We will continue to strive to “wow” members with our products and outstanding service, to maintain CFCU’s position of strength in the marketplace, to support our communities in a multitude of ways, and to offer rewarding careers.