We've all been there before. Getting caught up in the spirit of the season and the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is easy to do! However, when the dust settles, did the elation quickly turn to worry at the debt you had just accumulated? If so, read on...

1. You have the receipts and time to start over.

Take a deep breath and review your options. First off, is there anything you can live without? If you have receipts, you have a chance at knocking off unnecessary purchases by returning the merchandise. Remember, although it may be better to give than receive, no one wants to receive a gift that puts financial strain on the giver.

2. Assess your credit card rates.

If you paid using a credit card, you don't need to keep this debt on the card you initially swiped. Do you have one in your wallet that might offer better payback terms, lower rates, or higher rewards? If so, look into a balance transfer now and minimize the impact to your budget.

3. Turn to an entirely new loan type.

Do you have an auto or motorcycle that is paid off? Many do not realize this, but many financial institutions will allow you to use a paid off auto to obtain a loan. Most times these carry more favorable terms and rates than a credit card, and at CFCU it allows you to take advantage of our Skip a Pay benefit. No paid off auto in the garage? Consider a Personal Loan to pay off your credit cards prior to even the first payment coming due. You have a chance at saving thousands in interest depending on your balance, and having a loan such as an auto or personal loan has a greater chance of helping your credit score if you make your payments on time.

No matter what route you may choose for your personal finances, remember to be an advocate for your own financial health. Don't hesitate to turn to CFCU for help from caring people who want to see you succeed!