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What is Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Protection

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary service offered to help members avoid the inconvenience of having payments rejected or returned when their checking account does not have sufficient available balance to cover a payment. Standard coverage with this service includes checks,  ACH, and recurring debit card transactions. Members may opt-in to also cover ATM and one-time debit card transactions. With Courtesy Pay, CFCU may allow payment of transactions that overdraw the checking account for a fee of $38 per transaction, up to the Courtesy Pay limit. Courtesy Pay is not a line of credit and is not guaranteed. Restrictions and limitations apply. For more information and to learn how to opt-in or out of this service contact us or visit a branch.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection is a service offered to help members when their checking account does not have sufficient available balance to cover an item or payment. This service automatically transfers available funds from the member’s designated linked account to the checking account to cover a purchase or transaction. A member can have multiple accounts linked and can indicate the transfer priority of these linked accounts. There is a fee of $10 per transfer. To set up Overdraft Protection, contact us or visit a branch.


Tips on How to Avoid Courtesy Pay/Overdraft Fees


Monitor your accounts

Use our  Digital Banking platform to monitor your account balances from anywhere at any time. You can also easily make an immediate transfer from one account to another.

Set-Up account alerts

Within Digital Banking, you may set up text and e-mail alerts to notify you of low account balances and transactional alerts to help you monitor your account. Low balance alerts are tailored to the amount that you set. Transactional alerts inform you when a certain transaction type has occurred on your account. Find directions on how to set them up here.

Apply for Share Draft Loan Protection

Share Draft Loan protection (SDLP) is a line of credit that makes an automatic transfer to your checking account when you do not have enough funds for a transaction to clear. Learn more here. Terms and conditions may apply. Loans are subject to approval. 

Use Direct Deposit

Where available, direct deposit is an easier way to have your funds deposited automatically.

Opt-out of Courtesy Pay

You can opt out of Courtesy Pay at any time. To opt out or for more information, contact us or  visit a branch