Traveling Abroad?

Please let us know so we can insure smooth credit and debit transactions.

If you're traveling abroad and intend to use your CFCU credit or debit card on your trip, make sure you let us know. That way we can place a message on your account to make sure transactions are processed smoothly.

Why is this necessary?

Fraud protection. Most credit and debit card fraud comes from foreign countries. As a result, we may block transactions from certain countries where we have experienced fraud. Notifying us will help ensure your transactions are recognized as legitimate and can go through as expected, even if you're in a country where transactions are being blocked.

Fraud costs cardholders and issuers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. To protect you, we implemented this new Web-based system developed to help block potential fraud in real time. Countries from which transactions are blocked may change as we detect new scams and schemes. So please notify Member Services at 607-257-8500 when you're traveling abroad to avoid any problems with your cards.

For a list of currently blocked countries please contact us.