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Bank online with CFCUanywhere from CFCU — 365/24/7 account access through the Internet! With CFCUanywhere, you can view your account balance and history, transfer funds, update your contact information, open new subshares or certificates, order checks, apply for a loan, pay bills — and so much more!

Comprehensive Online Banking
Free to members, this service allows you to review account balances and history, transfer funds, check and change scheduled transfers and review transfer history. You can check current balances, rate information, next payment date and amount on loans and other useful information about your accounts. Save time by transferring funds online. You can also check the status of any transfer you've made. To read our CFCUanywhere FAQs, click here!

Make deposits into your checking or savings account from wherever you happen to be! Simply enter online the details of your check to deposit and receive immediate credit up to $1,000.00! Have questions about eDeposit? Look for the answer in our helpful FAQs.

Just log onto CFCUanywhere Online Banking and click the eDeposit tab under Account Services. Then follow the simple enrollment procedures. By selecting the “Submit” button at the bottom of the eDeposit Terms and Conditions screen, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the service as outlined in the agreement.

To use eDeposit, you must maintain a CFCU membership account in good standing; submit the transaction via CFCUanywhere Online Banking; maintain a valid email address; and mail the actual check to CFCU within 10 calendar days.* You may use the pre-printed Deposit Envelopes available from the Credit Union or address your own envelopes to:

CFCU Community Credit Union
1030 Craft Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
Tracking ID: (Tracking ID will display on the Confirmation Screen when an eDeposit is submitted.)

Make sure to endorse the check and write your account number, tracking ID number and “For Deposit Only” under your signature on the back of the check.

Do not use eDeposit to deposit cash, bonds or non-negotiable items or to deposit checks drawn on foreign financial institutions.

Please note, CFCU may hold funds you deposit in accordance with our Funds Availability policy. We also reserve the right to remove or decrease the eDeposit credit amount at any time without prior notice.

* A fee of $15.00 will be assessed to your account if you fail to remit the properly endorsed check as instructed within 10 calendar days. Failure to comply with Terms and Conditions may result in other fees and/or not being able to use the service in the future. Repeated eDeposit violations may result in termination of the eDeposit privilege.

Another convenient eService from CFCU…myMoney is a robust set of personal financial management tools, designed to help you with budgeting, financial planning, money management, account aggregation, cash flow and more. myMoney offers a helpful bill/income calendar, net worth calculator, and other goal and expense tracking tools to assist with organizing your finances. It's accessible through the myMoney tab at CFCUanywhere.

Bill Pay
Instead of writing checks and mailing them to merchants, you can schedule and monitor all payments through CFCUanywhere! Payments can be set up as future dated or recurring to help you save time! You can even "Go Green" and set up eBills for many merchants. Additional features of Bill Pay include Transfer Money and Popmoney for sending funds directly to other financial institutions or individuals! To read our Bill Pay FAQs, click here!

Quicken Settings
Because of our conversion to a new core processing system, you will need to modify your Quicken settings to ensure the smooth transition of data. Just click below on the Quicken version you use and follow the instructions.

Quicken 2009-2011 Express Web Connect

Quicken 2009 Web Connect to Web Connect

Quicken 2010 Web Connect to Web Connect

Quicken 2011 Web Connect to Web Connect

Quicken 2012 Web Connect to Web Connect

QuickBooks Windows 2009-2012 Direct Connect to Web Connect

Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010 Web Connect to Web Connect and Quicken Connect

Quicken for Mac Personal Finance Software 2005-2007 for Web Connect

QuickBooks Business Accounting Software 2009-2011 for Mac for Web Connect

MyMortgage and MyBusinessLoan at CFCU
You will need your CFCU mortgage loan number to register the first time you visit MyMortgage or MyBusinessLoan. Click on the Register link and follow the instructions. You will receive an email stating that your account has been created, usually within 30 minutes. Please follow the instructions in the email:

  • Thank you for registering to use MyMortgage/MyBusinessLoan.
  • Your MyMortgage/MyBusinessLoan account has been created.

To activate your account, click the link below or copy and paste the entire link into your Internet browser address line. Then click Go or press Enter.



Note: You will need to use the email address that you want to work with because when you set up your information, it will send this link to that email address to continue.

If you encounter problems registering for the first time, contact Loan Servicing at 257-3282, ext. 3202 for assistance. Should you forget your password, you will be able to reset it after entering your Username, Loan Number and either your SSN, TIN or Misc. ID. All payoff requests must come directly to Loan Servicing at 257-8500.

CFCU is pleased to offer you this service that allows you access to your mortgage information 24/7!

Secure Messaging
This feature allows you to send a secured email to Member Services regarding questions, concerns or requests on your account.

Supported Browsers
Access to CFCUanywhere requires a browser that supports the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (or higher), Firefox 3.5 (or higher), Safari 4.0 (or higher), Opera 10.0 (or higher) and Google Chrome are certified for use at this site.

Security Features
CFCUanywhere features three levels of security. At the user level, the system requires an SSL-compliant browser to ensure information is authentic, cannot be deciphered and has not been altered en route. Once a secure connection has been established, a valid log-in ID and password are needed to gain access to services. Remember, it's important to protect your log-in ID and password from others.

Server level security features a sophisticated filtering system which blocks non-secured activity and defends against inappropriate access. At the host level, transactions are sent via secure dedicated communications lines from the home banking server to transaction server which verifies member identity. Once authenticated, the member is allowed to process authorized Internet banking and bill payment transactions using host data.

The security of CFCUanywhere rivals that of some of the most secure government facilities.

Note: Because CFCUanywhere Online Banking service must identify particular individuals and account numbers in order to complete transactions, members who use this service will receive cookies on their computers. Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a web server to store on a web browser so they can later be read back from that browser. Cookies are a way for CFCUanywhere to organize and keep track of your information as you proceed from one transaction to the next. Otherwise, your browser would be forced to ask for your log-in ID and password for each transaction you perform. CFCU does not gather, use, sell, or exchange any information contained in cookies that are created by using CFCUanywhere.