Management & Volunteers

Executive Team
Board of Directors
Supervisory Committee
Education/Scholarship Committee

Executive Team

Lisa Whitaker, President/CEO
Cathy Benson, Chief Lending Officer
Eileen Covey, Sr. VP Operations
William Crane, Chief Administrative Officer/General Counsel
Paul Kirk, Chief Financial Officer
Beth Putnam, Chief Retail Officer
Rebecca Roberts, Exec. Asst. to the President & CEO

You can contact the Executive Team at

Board of Directors

Control of CFCU Community Credit Union is vested with its members. Each year, members elect fellow members to serve on a Board of Directors. The board acts on behalf of the total membership in running CFCU. All board and committee members are unpaid volunteers. The Board of Directors consists of nine members who are responsible for management of the Credit Union's business affairs. Among their responsibilities are decisions regarding: (1) monthly dividends; (2) loan policies; (3) the maximum amount of shares which may be held by any member; (4) the investment and borrowing of funds necessary to transact the business of CFCU; and (5) additions or changes in services offered by the Credit Union.

2013–2014 CFCU Board of Directors
Brian Mitteer, Chair
Susan T. Schattschneider, Vice Chair
Joseph H. During, Jr., Treasurer
Robert A. Cree, Secretary
Amy Wood Gonzalez
James G. Henion
Skip Hewitt
James W. Place
Lisa Whitaker

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee monitors compliance with laws and regulations and assures that internal controls are adequate through the internal audit function. This provides the check on financial and operational matters necessary to ensure that Credit Union activities are conducted in the best interest of the overall membership and towards the goals for which CFCU was organized. The committee acts as an oversight body and a line of communication for reporting fraud and unethical behavior, on behalf of CFCU’s Board of Directors. The committee is composed of volunteer members who have been appointed by the Board of Directors.

Supervisory Committee members are:
Blixy Taetzsch, Chair
Brian Oursler, Secretary
Dan Brown

The code of ethics requires that any member who suspects there has been a violation of Corporate Policy, laws or regulations, or general business ethics should report their suspicion. We urge you to contact our Supervisory Committee personally by writing to the address below. All mail is strictly confidential. You do not have to identify yourself, but it is important that you provide enough information and/or documentation to allow the committee to investigate your concern. If you wish to be informed of the results of the investigation, please let us know how we can contact you (i.e.: home phone, work phone, offsite in person). If you choose not to provide your name or contact information, the Supervisory Committee cannot inform you of the results and cannot discuss your concern with you.

Supervisory Committee, CFCU Community Credit Union, P.O. Box 4321, Ithaca, NY 14850
You can also contact the Supervisory Committee at

Education Committee

This committee of volunteers helps CFCU achieve its mission of increasing members' knowledge and ability to control their finances through seminars, educational publications and other activities. It also oversees CFCU's Richard V.V. Stringham Scholarship Program for college-bound students, the Community Service Award for outstanding volunteerism, and promotes Credit Union values and the meaning of those values to the CFCU membership. The Education Committee can be contacted at

Education Committee
Art Bakert
Leigh Alo
Art Berkey
Kim Fleming
Julia Fry
Mo Reycroft
Rebecca Roberts